Welcome to Scorpion Brewing!  We are a Microbrewery located in Calvert County Maryland. 


Our address is 929 Skinners Turn Rd, Suite 100.  Owings MD. 


We had a soft opening on Aug 23 2014, will be having soft openings on Saturdays from noon until 6 until we have a grand opening on October 11th at Noon with ribbon cutting with the Calvert County Commissioners on October 7th.

The name Scorpion is a tribute to the Chesapeake Bay Flotilla that boldly fought off the British during the War of 1812.

The Scorpion was the flagship of the floatilla and was skuttled on Aug 24 1814 in the Patuxant River just north of the rt 4 bridge in Waysons Corners to prevent its capture and use by the British. 

It was a 49-foot sloop-rigged, with optional oar power, floating battery, mounting two long guns and two carronades.

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On Tap: Pilot batch of Pale Ale (made with Hops from St Mary's County)

In the Brite Tank: Nothing, waiting on the Dunkel

In the fermenters:

2.5 bbls of DunkelWeizen