The Southern Marylanders Always Serving Homebrew (SMASH)  Club meets at the tasting room on the first Tuesday of the month.

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Thanks to all who participated in our 4th Homebrew Contest (March 2017) , here are the winners:


1st: Kenneth Ritchey, Rye Knot?, Wood-aged Beer

2nd: Kenneth Ritchey, Citrus Bomb IPA, Specialty IPA

3rd: Lee Kexel, Doppel Good, Doppelbock

4th: Zachary Keim, Piwo Z Grodziskie, Piwo Grodziskie

Table 1: Lagers

1st: Lee Krexel, Dopple Good, Dopplebock

2nd: Martin Smith, Local Two, Kellerbier

3rd: Ben Lanier, Nobel Pils, German Pils

Table 2: Dark/Fruit/Wood

1st: George Cartron, HailStorm Imperial Java Stout, Imperial Stout

2nd: Kennth Ritchey, Rye Knot?, Wood-aged Beer

3rd: Joe Hursey, Loca Chica Mango Saison, Fruit Beer

4th: Scott LaMonda, Bashful Bourbon Porter, Specialty Wood-aged Beer

Table 3: British Beer

1st: Noah Gibson, Wee Heavy, Wee Heavy

2nd: Alan Hamm, Wee Bit Heavy, Wee Heavy

3rd: David Gillpatrick, Kitchen Sink Stout, Oatmeal Stout

Table 4: IPA

1st: Kenneth Ritchey, Citrus Bomb IPA, Specialty IPA

2nd: Sean Cavanagh, Cheeky Pale Ale 2, American Pale Ale

3rd: John Groeger, Warrior IPA, American IPA

Table 5: Belgian/French/German

1st: John Groeger, Brilliant Blond, Belgian Blond Ale

2nd: Raoul Masangcay, Biere De Terte, Biere de Garde

3rd: Andries Kooistra & Anna Nefedova, Matchpoint, Weisenbock

Table 6: Specials

1st: Joe Hursey, Aiden's Revenge, Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

2nd: Zachary Keim, Piwo Grodziskie, Piwo Grodziskie

3rd: Adam Mouw, Chile Pale Ale, Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

Thanks to all who participated in our 3rd Homebrew Contest (March 2016) , here are the winners:

Table 1: Lagers, Lighter Ales, Specialty:

1st: Robert Rouse, Czech Please! Czech Dark Lager

2nd: Travis King, Gateway Drug Blonde Ale

3rd: Devin Huck, Sinsgiving Experimental Beer

Table 2: Dark Beers:

1st: George Mowell, Oldish Ale Old Ale
2nd: Lee Mahony, Big Chief Brown Ale English Barleywine
3rd: Kenneth Ritchey, Bear Dog Brown Ale, Engsh Brown Ale

Table 3: IPAs:

1st: George Mowell, Summer Crush American Pale Ale
2nd: Michael Basso, Deep Six Double IPA
3rd: Jessee McMath, Pump American Pale Ale

Table 4: American Amber, Belgian, French, Belgian/French Specialty:

1st Lee Mahony, Drime Head, Brett Beer
2nd Martin Smith, Lucky Amber, Saison
3rd: Alan Hamm, American Eagle Amber, American Amber Ale

Best of Show:

Michael Basso, Deep 6 Double IPA

Those who were not present, please come by to pick up your ribbons!


Thanks to all who participated in our 2nd Homebrew Contest (August 2015)

The top 5 beers were:

5th Place H Jackson Byrd Bifrost's Tears Witbier
4th Place Mike Moan's Citra Cream Ale
3rd Place Charlie Boyer's Pump of a stump Pale Ale
2nd Place Mike Moan's Ordinary Bitters

And in 1st Place.....

Don Haller's Skippers IPA (Don will be brewing a batch of his Skippers IPA at Scorpion Brewing to be sold in a few months!)

Thanks to all of the 19 beers submitted to our 1st Homebrew Competition (March 2015)  We had some GREAT beers! 

The top 6 were...

5th place Tie with 34 points, Douglas Conner's Cream Ale and Joe Ferraro's American IPA. 
3rd Place Tie with 35 points, Doug Dixon's Saison and Kevin Hawk's Specialty Coconut Stout
2nd Place with 37 points, Don Haller's Dubbel Trouble

And in 1st Place.....
Martin Smith's Dirty Belgium, Biere De Garde
(for sale at Scorpion for a limited time starting in August 2015)