Our Beers

We are a small microbrewery so not all our beers are available at the same time.

Because we are small though, we have the luxury of being able to try out some unnamed

experimental beers in the tasting room too!

On Tap This Week

Barrel-aged IPA

Dukelweiss Winter Wheat

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Smoked Porter

Spiced Apple Harvest

Oars Out Stout

"The Patriot"

"The Ram"

Tastings and Growlers

Scorpion Beer is sold in various containers including tasting glasses,
Large Growlers and filled glasses.

4 oz. tastings of all our beers currently on tap are offered every

A "Full Pour" is a 9 oz. or 16 oz. filled glass.
The alcohol content of each beer decides which size "full
pour" you get!

A Large Growler is a 64oz reusable glass container.
Bring your own in from any brewery and we'll fill it - or buy one here,
fill it up, take it home and bring it back next time!


Beers that Show up on Tap Sometimes:

Scuttle Pale Ale:

This Flagship Pale Ale has a nice grainbill and is moderately hopped with Northern Brewer, Cascade,

Columbus and Centennial for a nice session Pale. This is named after the flagship of the

Chesapeake flotilla from the war of 1812 which was scuttled in the Pax river to keep the

British from Upper Marlboro.

Treaty of Ghent:

This is our all grain Belgian Brown.  The Treaty of Ghent was ratified by Congress on February 18,

1815 effectively ending the war of 1812.  This beer is brewed with Coriander and Star Anise and

mildly hopped with Fuggle and UK Goldings.

Oars Out Stout:

The Scorpion not only used the wind for power, but also good old manpower.  This Russian Imperial

Stout is a rich full bodied stout with a mild nutty roasted flavor with a nice hop profile.

Perfect for after rowing against the British all day. 


Indian IPA:


This is a full bodied moderately hopped IPA with a hint of fruit. We use Warrior, Chinook and

Centennial hops to give it the kick.


Carronade Light: 


This is named after the small cannons used on the flotilla.  Yes, a Light beer from a craft brewer!

London Style ESB:

This well balanced ESB emphasizes notes from both the Malts and traditional UK hops, creating a

flavorful easy drinking beer.  Despite the name, ESBs are not overly bitter compared to the American

style pale ales. Best consumed above 40 degrees, allow a glass of ESB to sit at room temp for a few

min prior to consumption or drink slowly from a large glass to notice the complexity increase

with temperature.

We also have many seasonal beers when our farmers pick fresh produce!

Barrel and Souring Program

The barrel-aging process adds and changes the flavor of beer
drastically while it is in barrels.

The use of soured beer is an ancient technique used to add
 character to many beer styles.
T-Shirts, Glassware and Gift Certificates

Scorpion Brewing Co. sells various t-shirts (men's & women's), glassware
and Gift Certificates at their Skinners Turn Rd site in Owings, MD.
They make the perfect gift for your favorite beer drinker!